Velkommen 2019!

English version further down Nytt år, nye muligheter sier de. Muligheter vi har tenkt å skape oss selv, ut fra totalt blanke ark og en nyervervet åpenhet om hvordan en hverdag og en jobb behøver se ut. Vi går inn i 2019 med alle dører åpne, ingen alternativer avskrevet og fulle av nysgjerrighet. Er det… Read More Velkommen 2019!



English text further further down Det nærmer seg halvveis og det føles naturlig med en slags fot i bakken. Ta tempen på det hele. Det har seg nemlig sånn at et liv på Bali tar noen vendinger man ikke helt ser komme før man plutselig står midt oppi det. Joda, vi visste jo at Bali… Read More Finne-seg-selv-Bali

Can we change the world?

The Bali dogs

We`ve been on the island for six weeks now. As a vet I think it is about time I write a little something about the Bali dogs. Bali is full of dogs. The girls are very concerned about any animal. Although one should have expected them to be used to all the loose dogs by… Read More The Bali dogs


The alternative school

Green School (GS) is an alternative school, so different from anything we have ever seen. This alternative school is set in a tropical environment, with large bamboo buildings spread out on a pretty large campus. Each grade has its’ own building, with two floors each, in order for them to be able to split the classes into two… Read More The alternative school


Transitioning struggles

We had a parents` session at school yesterday. I guess what they said wasn`t rocket science but it kind of summed up and put in to words some of the things that we have been struggling with during this time of transitioning. When your nerves play you a trick First of all we realized that during… Read More Transitioning struggles


Take off Bali –let`s go!

We`re ready! Take off is close and next time you hear from us will be when we`re there. The butterflies have multiplied in all four bellies and the nervousness and anxiousness have begun to impact our sleep. It`s strange how dreams take weird courses when the mind is under stress. I think it will calm… Read More Take off Bali –let`s go!


It`s all about the money

This decision of ours, to spend a whole year without income scares the hell out of me. Luckily Morten isn`t as worried as I am, but he never is, so…. I keep worrying about whether our budget is correct, and if we end up being dragged towards all sorts of costly activities and expensive restaurant… Read More It`s all about the money


Let`s get started!

I have been thinking a lot about how to kick off this blog. There`s so much to be shared, and so many thaughts going through our minds as we quickly head towards leaving the country in a little more than three months, and it`s hard to choose. However, since the most common questions we get, when… Read More Let`s get started!