Instagram spam hassels

Lately we`ve been working to make a settlement with Instagram. We have spent so much time studying stunning pictures from Bali and the rest of the world whilst we were looking forward to move to Bali. We considered it inspiration. Lately we have realized most of what we`ve looked at is Instagram spam. Not Instagram… Read More Instagram spam hassels

Can we change the world?

The Bali dogs

We`ve been on the island for six weeks now. As a vet I think it is about time I write a little something about the Bali dogs. Bali is full of dogs. The girls are very concerned about any animal. Although one should have expected them to be used to all the loose dogs by… Read More The Bali dogs


The alternative school

Green School (GS) is an alternative school, so different from anything we have ever seen. This alternative school is set in a tropical environment, with large bamboo buildings spread out on a pretty large campus. Each grade has its’ own building, with two floors each, in order for them to be able to split the classes into two… Read More The alternative school


Out there on my own

Today is my very first day out on my own. It took me almost four weeks! Usually, when we travel, I feel safe and can make my way around on my own from the start. At age of 19 I even travelled around the world on my own. All by my self So, as I sit here… Read More Out there on my own