English text further further down Det nærmer seg halvveis og det føles naturlig med en slags fot i bakken. Ta tempen på det hele. Det har seg nemlig sånn at et liv på Bali tar noen vendinger man ikke helt ser komme før man plutselig står midt oppi det. Joda, vi visste jo at Bali… Read More Finne-seg-selv-Bali


Living the dream?

We`ve asked ourselves several times lateley; are we living the dream? The answer is a long one. I went to pick up Dina at a friend`s house this evening. I had never been there before and for some stupid reason I managed to reset the Google map pin as I was roaming around trying to… Read More Living the dream?


Instagram spam hassels

Lately we`ve been working to make a settlement with Instagram. We have spent so much time studying stunning pictures from Bali and the rest of the world whilst we were looking forward to move to Bali. We considered it inspiration. Lately we have realized most of what we`ve looked at is Instagram spam. Not Instagram… Read More Instagram spam hassels

Can we change the world?

The Bali dogs

We`ve been on the island for six weeks now. As a vet I think it is about time I write a little something about the Bali dogs. Bali is full of dogs. The girls are very concerned about any animal. Although one should have expected them to be used to all the loose dogs by… Read More The Bali dogs