Morten is an inspiring and enthusiastic man who enjoys anything that involves getting in touch with and getting to know new people. He is a trained nurse and certified performance coach with experience from a wide range of jobs, from the ER to manager in the oilbusiness. He focuses on leadership by creating enthusiasm and building trust, and aspires to make a difference. Recently he worked as a project manager of a disrupt and very successful refugee integrations project in Kristiansand. Morten is 1/3 away from a Masters degree in Management.

Morten loves outdoors activities such as skiing, hiking, tenting and travelling, and has recently gotten into swimming. Morten has a couple of years of yoga experience, but a body that tends to say no to any type of movements that challenge the knees. He also won the Norwegian tv-show 71grader Nord in 2004. -And oh; he is also dead serious about interior design.

Morten is in charge of the photos shared on this blog.Nina is originally a trained veterinary surgeon and worked as a general manager and small animal practitioner at a veterinary clinic for several years. In addition she holds a Masters degree in Management, and as a result of her desire to write she had her own weekly column in the local newspaper when she worked as a vet and during the year on Bali she will be published regularly under her own column in the same newspaper. She is also a certified coach and has worked as a project manager in the oil business the past five years.

Nina is dead serious about her yoga. Although she is fourty-something and somehow does realize that her age combined with practicing yoga once or twice a week, never will turn her into a superflexible yogi, she loves the feeling that yoga gives.

Like Morten, Nina also loves skiing, hiking, jogging and travelling, and she is a horselover by heart. Cooking is another passion of hers, mainly Asian food, but really anything that is tasty, healthy and makes her daughters fit for the everyday challenges of life. Finally, it is worth mentioning the slight passion for fashion, just like most women we presume…

Nina is in charge of the text posted on this blog.

We normally live in the very south of Norway, in a small town called Kristiansand, and we have two beautiful daughters together; Dina (7) and Karla (11). Morten has Christoffer (23) from before.

-Last but not least there is the white standardpoodle Bono, who is left back in Norway with Nina`s parents, and will be truly missed while we are away!