The story of this blog starts a few years back. The world has called for us since the first day we met, and travelling, meeting people and exploring other cultures has been an important part of our relationship. When we realized there is a fantastic gem of an international school called Green School, hidden in the jungles of Bali, we intuitively knew we would bring our children there one day. The question was more of a when than an if.

We have decided to pack our bags and move to Bali in July 2018. The story we will share with you, will be a story of our lifes. The thoughts, the questions, our uncertainties and the directions the journey will take us, will be shared in pictures and words.

This blog was launched a few months ahead of take off, and hopefully you will witness progress. We expect to make progress in terms of environmantal awareness, parenting and cultural understanding, but of course we also have this small hope of physical progress. We`re thinking of magic yoga poses, surfing the waves of Echo beach and maybe some changes due to the fantastic, healthy food we plan to eat…. -And, we expect Green School to teach us how to save the world!

We have no idea where this journey will end, although we do have return tickets to Norway in June 2019, and a house back there that needs a total renovation. All we know is that we have quit our jobs, sold the cars, rented the house to students and are up for an adventure together with our daughters. We are delighted that you have chosen to follow us along this unknown road to whatever….