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Våre beste Bali-tips

English version further down Skal du til Bali? Drømmer du om å besøke Bali? Eller er du nysgjerrig på om Bali kan bli din neste feriedestinasjon? Først og fremst vil vi be deg tenke nøye gjennom om du i det hele tatt skal reise så langt? Med dagens klimaforandringer og skyhøye karbonutslipp vil vi be… Read More Våre beste Bali-tips



I just returned from Venice. What a city, what a journey! I was there as part of my Master studies, and spent four days learning about how the city developed to become Europe`s merchant super nation and how they maintained their status for a 1000 years. The perspective Venice`s story gave us on leadership, social… Read More Venice!


At least it is voluntary

We named our blog «what really matters” and one of the things that really matters to us, is outdoor living, particularly winter sports such and cross country and downhill skiing. Another seriously important aspect of our lives are friends and family. Morten and Dina are extremely social, Karla and I not that much. However, we both… Read More At least it is voluntary