Instagram spam hassels

Lately we`ve been working to make a settlement with Instagram. We have spent so much time studying stunning pictures from Bali and the rest of the world whilst we were looking forward to move to Bali. We considered it inspiration. Lately we have realized most of what we`ve looked at is Instagram spam.

Not Instagram spam in the conventional understanding. More in terms of what all those pictures do to us. We had this idea that as soon as we got down here we`d be able to visit and take all these beautiful pictures of ourselves and the beautiful scenery that we surround ourselves with.

The girls and a flamingo
This could probably have been a super cool Insta-shot, had we only spent more time and equipment….

Bali Instagram spam

Reality is that most of the Instagram spam, or pictures if you`d like, are thoroughly directed. Most of the photographers have tons of Equipment. They spend all day chasing that one picture. By following #bali and various Bali-themed accounts we have been overloaded with pictures from thousands of restaurants, hotels, beach clubs and must-visit spots. The pictures reflect less than half of the reality of Bali. It has left us with this insane list of places we want to visit and a totally unrealistic expectation as to what pictures we`d be able to take.

But not only that, it had also given us a totally unreal picture of what Bali was gonna be like. So once we got here we almost felt like we had to cover all the amazing instagram spots in once. We thouoght Bali was just one big instagramable island. As those of you who have read previous posts on this blog would know, that is so not the case.

Ubud, Bali
Did we naïvely expect all of uur Bali life to be like this…? The shot is taken in Ubud

Forty something and naïve

As surprisingly as it might sound, it took us up until around now to realize that we`ve been this influenced by the Instagram spam. We`ve been hunting for the spots, frustrated by the lack of amazing shots to share and the lack of time to stop for proper shots if we`ve actually seen a spot.

Now that we have realized what our hunt does to us, we have unfollowed most of the Bali-accounts and Bali-hashtags on Instagram. that inludes other travelers` accounts we used to follow. They only make us depressed and feeling frustrated anyhow. We have also defined our “audience” to be mostly friends and family, and are now trying to move away from the competitive mindset of always searching for more followers. Our story and our experiences are after all only relevant for a limited amount of people. We will continue to post the pictures we feel like sharing, and they might be directed to some extent, but they will never reach the level of the pro Instagrammers. -And what really matters is what happens in real life, not on Instagram, isn`t it…?

Fun in the pool
Real life and a not edited picture

Reality calling

So what does happen in real life? Well, Dina has been a little unwell lately. She`s had the runs, a little bit of fever, generally frustrated and with a low appetite. The heat and humidity has struck us. I guess that leaves us all feeling a little hot and lazy. It has made me just a little homesick. Our friends have even posted pictures of the first snow from the mountains back home. Many of them are off on autumn holidays this week. Right now I think all four of us would have given quite a lot for some snow and a hot chocolate in front of a cozy fireplace overlooking some mountainous scenery. –Did I just mention influence by Instagram spam…?

With the heat, a lack of energy to exercise has struck both Morten and myself. That is a bit frustrating cause for a while we were really in a good groove. As we have combined the laziness with a low self-discipline in regards to all the yummy food everywhere, well we generally feel a little chubby and unhealthy. That as a huge opposite to how we expected to feel almost three months in to our Bali adventure!

Yummy food at Shady Shack
The super healthy options are everywhere, but so are the not so healthy choices

Fooled by Instagram spam again

To be honest, all the super healthy, super fit 20-something year old people with a minimum of clothes on, that we surround ourselves with, probably also make an impact. -And again; the Instagram spam of super thin yogis looking stunning in mega advanced poses. We have unfollowed them as well! Our forty-something bodies have probably reached a point of no return anyhow. It`s about time we stop comparing us to others I guess…

Hard to compare a forty something body with these  ones
One of the super hipster cafés keeps it own wall of fame With the super fit hipsters on display

I think I need to make an official statement and promise myself to avoid cappuccinos, cakes (even though they are raw and sugar free…) and chocolate during the weekdays. –And to go straight to our yoga shala as soon as the girls have left the house for school in the morning. Because at that time the heat isn`t too bad after all. Not to search for the ultimate yogi body of a twenty-year old, just to feel a little better with myself. Ok, as this has been posted, I guess I hereby make that promise to myself and you guys! Have a wonderful day you all!

The Mulia, Bali
Temptations are everywhere!

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  1. We can take some snow with us when we comes next week😂😂. You are so honest in these blogs 👏👏. Like that😍

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