Things to do in Singapore

We have survived our first visa run. We had been checking thoroughly to find things to do in Singapore that suit kids, and left for the airport Saturday morning ready for ready for a long weekend in the modern world.

There is an endless choice of things to do in Singapore, but our focus was to have fun with the kids. The to do-list was long and we had high expectations. However, firstly we were delayed with almost three hours on our way from Bali. That almost ate up the first day completely.

Secondly, although the subway system is efficient and impressively clean and safe, it is also time consuming as it includes lot of walking inside the stations for interchanges etc.

In Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay and The Marina Bay Sands hotel in the background

Things to do in Singapore:

Our list of things to do in Singapore was approximately this:

  1. 1: Gardens by the Bay incl. light show
  2. Shopping –modern malls like Takashimaya on Orchard Road
  3. Drinks on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel overlooking the whole city followed by the light show by the waterfront.
  4. Night safari
  5. Sentosa; Universal Studios and The Aquarium
  6. Little India
  7. Chinatown
  8. Arab Street
  9. Art Science museum
  10. Bicycle ride in the East Coast Park
  11. Hawkers centers food court

I guess a short glimpse of this list would tell anyone that we wouldn`t be able to fit all this in in 2,5 days. However, we did hope to cover a few of them.

Takashimaya, Singapore
Moon cake hunting in Takashimaya

The girls were brave, they walked approximately 15 000 steps both Sunday and Monday, and we did cover Gardens By the Bay, Shopping and Universal Studios, as well as The Lion King Musical at Sands Theatre, but ooops; by then we had to catch our Tuesday morning flight back home.

How is it possible to be so busy, do so much and yet to cover so little of the To do list…? Guess it means we have to come back!

Universal Studios Singapore
In Jurassic Park, Universal Studios

Did we like Singapore?

And did we like Singapore? –Oh well, sort of. It feels like an artificial city built up on money, with all these Asian cultures mixed with the Western world kind of place. Nice, clean, entertaining and beautiful, but without the soul we have found when visiting Bangkok, Tokyo or Kuala Lumpur. I guess more time and more visits to more of what Singapore has to offer could balance our impression. Cause don`t get me wrong; we did have a great time!

Universal Studios Singapore
A full day of Entertainment in Universal Studios on Karla`s 11th birthday
Sci Fi world, Universal Studios
The absolute favourite in Universal was the Transformers 4D rollercoaster!

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