Bali life is a schizophrenic life

Finally, we`ve moved in to the main building of the property we have rented for a year. –And finally our Bali life has begun for real.

The little things in life

It is funny how little things can make such a huge difference. I had never ever thought that six weeks without cooking could take away so much sense of being at home, neither the lack of a proper sofa. We`ve gotten the kithchen we have been longing for and cooked a couple of meals ourselves. In the evenings we have intentionally closed all doors and enjoyed an evening inside, on a soft couch.  -So, we are really starting to get that Bali life going.

Sunset from our porch
The sun sets behind the trees of our garden and pool

As a matter of fact, Karla spontaneously announced this morning, that she really likes living on Bali! Oh, how happy that made my maternal heart! She has had a couple of issues which mainly have been due to language problems. She has come home in tears a couple of times because she has felt left out. Luckily, that seems to be over now. At the time though, it was tough for all of us. The school teachers and counselor have been really helpful though.

The unlucky Dina

Dina unfortunately had a major accident on Sunday. Those of you, who follow our Instagram account, know that she practically ranthrough  a glass window. We had to go to hospital for stiches on her knee and elbow as well as glue a cut on her forehead. She was really courageous and proud of herself once it was done. Her veterinary mum was critically watching as the nurses and doctor worked their way through the cuts and wounds. I concluded I could approve their work and hygiene standard 😉 So far the wounds have healed satisfactorily. Tomorrow we head for Singapore for a three nights` visa run. I believe it is good that we are going away, as she cannot swim in the pool or the ocean as long as the wounds are still healing.

Classroom at Green School
The classrooms Dina and Karla are in are quite different from what we were used to

Bali life

So, why is Bali life a schizophrenic life? Well, as we live our lives on this island, we move around going in and out of completely different worlds. We live in this beautiful Indonesian villa which orginally ws built for a Javanese royal Family. The garden is magical and we have staff to maintain everything. We travel through the streets and meet people who have basically nothing. They are able to manage on approximately the same amount of money per month that we spend in a day or two. We eat lunches or dinners at fancy cafés and restaurants which could have been set in Sydney or LA. They overlook rice fields with farmers working hard all day long, and their tiny shelters where they live with their family. I shift from loving it and seeing the beauty of it to feeling guilty for indulging in all our wealth in a split of a second. It leaves me confused, humble and grateful as well as sick and frustrated. -And sometimes with an urge to run away from it. Move back to where I come from, and where I don`t need to face these enormous differences between rich and poor.

So, to end this post I`ll quote Karla; “I really like living on Bali, only I wish there were fewer dogs in need and that there were less poor people here.”

walking the streets of Babakan
A grandmother and her grandchildren in our neighbourhood
A local woman performing her offerings

9 thoughts on “Bali life is a schizophrenic life

  1. Kjekt å følge din blogg👌dette vil nok være et stort minne for resten av livet. Nyt det, et år går så fort 🤗💞

  2. Av en slump så såg jag er på instagram och började följa er vardag på Bali. Jättekul och verkligen häftigt att ni gör det här.

    1. Hei Ante!
      Så kult at du følger oss på ferden 😄 vi føler oss ganske gale og litt stolte over ar vi faktisk gjør det 😆 nå har vi hatt 2.5 døgn i Singapore og gleder oss til å dra hjem til Bali igjen i morgen 🙌🏻 Ha en god dag der du er 👍🏻

  3. Så herlig å høre at Karla liker å bo der!!! Ja, det må være vanskelig å se de enorme forskjellene folk lever under. Lett å snakke om det her hjemme, for vi slipper å konfronteres med det. Kos dere nå i Singapore!!!!

  4. Hei, det er artig å lese sporadisk på deres blogg og hva dere opplever av stort og smått.
    Ja, there is a world outside Norway. På mange måter er det både lærerikt,men også frustrerende å se så mye fattigdom og oppleve så store ulikheter mellom rik og de som ikke har så mye.

    Vil gjerne spørre om du kunne sende artikkelen i Sørlandsavisen vedr. tema du skrev om i din Masteroppgave på BI.
    Ønsker dere all lykke og hell videre i deres nye hjem i Bali.

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