A small victory is also a victory!

I am working on this blog post about the Bali dogs. It takes some effort, mainly because it is a complex question and I can`t quite seem to get it finished. Therefore I decided to pop in with a very short blog update.

Dina speaks English!
This little lady now speaks English!

We just wanted to share this feeling of joy and happinness from yesterday. From out of the blue Dina began to speak Englishat home! Now, Karla has had this huge progress in her English since first day of school. However, Dina has been struggling, and has not spoken much. And then suddenly her mind has done a 180 degrees turn, and she speaks English! Off course, not perfect and with plenty of words missing, but she is on it! These small victories are so important to celebrate. They make us believe that anything is possible and that this year will eventually become just as magical as we have been hoping.

It`s all in the details
Sustainable education, detail from Heart of School

The teachers at school have done a great job to assist Dina in finding someone to play with during the breaks. She still prefers us to be around during the main break, but now she has a couple of girls in her class whom she calls friends. We have also been invited for playdates to a couple of the girls in her class, and that too has helped. It is no nice to experience the warmth and caring community of Green School. Today is a rainy day. As a matter of fact it is pouring down.  We do admit that such days probably will prove challengig whilst the rainy season kicks in, but for now we do as the Balinese people and chose to think that rain is a sign of luck and salute this day!

Details from the art corner on Green School


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