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Green School

It`s about time we present the reason for our year away more thoroughly; Green School.

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Four years ago, Nina visited Bali for a yoga retreat. By coincidence, she ended up on a guided tour on Green School. From the moment she put her feet on the marvelous bridge across the river, leading towards campus, she instantly knew that this was the place. The place we had been searching for, a place where we could get the unique combination of Asia, culture, history, lush nature, tropical weather and international vibes.

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Green School is a school of the future. A school that teaches the students the skills and knowledge they believe they will need when they have become adults and are ready to set the course. They educate the future`s green leaders. And they do so in the world`s largest bamboo buildings. It is a school without walls and no squared rooms or furniture. Sustainability and environment are their main focus. They teach all the required subjects, but they do it in a holistic way focusing on projects, and integrating the subjects in them. Our children will be digging in the mud, growing vegetables and learn how to sell them, perform dances and songs and set goals together with children from all around the world. Green School also thrives to enroll 20% local kids, who are admitted free of charge. We hope the girls will end up with both Indonesian friends as well as friends from the rest of the world.

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Green School also offers courses and conferences for parents, and they depend upon the parents to engage in after school activities. We as parents hope to expand our perspectives and knowledge too, hopefully making us more interesting as employees once we return to Norway. But most of all this year is about planting a seed in the girls. A seed that will make them work for a better future with a green and humble yet optimistic approach.

New York Times wrote a fantastic article from Green School in November 2017 and wrote:

But the element that truly distinguishes Green School is its very premise. Begun a decade ago by John and Cynthia Hardy, jewelry designers and longtime Bali residents, it was intended to do nothing less than create a future generation of “green leaders,” even as it would defy — in form and function — what we know as school itself. In a much-viewed 2010 TED Talk, John Hardy, clad in sarong and sandals, speaks passionately about his own early troubles as a student (owing, in part, to his undiagnosed dyslexia) and how his school differs from a traditional educational institute. That talk, and, more importantly, word of mouth, has lured more than one parent to Bali from as far afield as Malibu, Budapest and São Paulo.”

You can read the full article here here; The School Prepping for Apocalypse

10 thoughts on “Green School

  1. Åååå, dette høres så spennende ut. 😎😁For en opplevelse for både store og små. Mens barna går på skole, skal dere jobbe der borte? Blir gøy å høre. Masse lykke til og ha et fantastisk år. Vil gjerne følge dere. 🌎🌞😍👍🏖

    1. Hei Ruth! Nei, vi skal ikke jobbe. Vi har skrevet litt om hva vi ser for oss å gjøre i blogginnlegget “Let`s get started”
      Vi skal bruke året på å være sammen som familie, ha ett felles prosjekt i stedet for massevis av enkeltprosjekter hver for oss. -Og så regner vi selvsafgt med at i starten kommer vi til å bruke mye tid på å følge opp jentene som må lære seg engelsk, lære seg ssytemet på skilen etc. I tillegg baserer skolen seg på foreldrebistand til etterskoletids-aktiviteter, og der er vi innstilt på å bidra. Tror det blir bra 🙂

      1. Hei, så ikke svaret før nå. 🤗😍 Fikk lest blogginnlegget du linket til. Tommelen opp👍👍👍
        Så gøy for både store og små. Det blir kjekt med et felles prosjekt for hele familien og mye tid til hverandre. Dette blir et TOPP år! ❤

  2. Så utrolig spennende! Respekt for at dere bare GJØR d 🙏🏼 Ønsker dere mye, mye lykke til og bøyer meg i hatten 😉

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