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Planning to leave the country and spend a year abroad has really made us aware of what surrounds us and what it means to us. Anything from the nature and the city to the people we love. Knowing that we will not see many of our friends in a year made us invite two of our closest couples over for dinner last night. We had a blast, but more importantly we had some really nice conversations.

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A year ago we sold our house and bought a new one. The house we had was too small, although it was newly renovated and very nice, with a large garden, situated next to the woods and with a gorgeous view, so we chose to give it up in order to get a bigger house and smaller garden closer to the city center and school. Our new home needs a full renovation, but that will have to wait until we get back from Bali.

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Since we moved I have given the decision many thoughts. Why was it so important for us to have a big house? I`ve come to realize that an important reason was the people we compare our lives and possessions to. And for some reason we, and I guess most people, benchmark ourselves to those that have more than us. Both couples that came over last night have something that “I want too”. A nicer home, a bigger house, a nicer car or whatever. It annoys me that I go around thinking about everything I want `cause it really is a foolish thing to do! So now I have begun to regret selling our previous house. Not such that it makes me sad and unhappy, but just annoyed by the fact that we were willing to give up our home, neighbors and the proximity to the woods, just because we wanted something more. I think we will always want more, unless we pause, reconsider and realize that a bigger house, nicer furniture or a posher neighborhood will not, in fact make us happier.

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I had the courage to say these things out loud yesterday. We ended up in a discussion about how we compare each other all the time, and discussed that materialistic race we all have become a part of. A few years back, I wouldn`t have been anywhere near admitting that I envy my friends what they have. Admitting it to them is relieving and I think it is a good start though. Because life is not about comparing and benchmarking and wanting more. Life is about human relations, friends and family, open discussions and love. So now all I have to do is walk the talk and stop regretting, and instead be content with what we`ve got, our new house included.

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